30 Day Healing Challenge

If you have just joined me on facebook and missed a few of the affirmation for the 30 day healing challenge, don't worry, I'll keep posting them here on the website. I'm so glad so many of you are enjoying the healing challenge. Blessings, Cyndi

30 Day Healing Challenge

For the next 30 days, I will offer a different prayer or affirmation for healing. Print or write out the daily prayer keep it with you and say it several times throughout the day. Together we will focus our energy to bring healing to all aspects of ourselves to heal and raise our vibration.

Blessings and love to you,


Day 1: Today, I set my intentions to touch the God within and renew my connection. I release all that does not serve me and say "Yes" to all the blessings that are mine for the asking.

Day 2: Today, I choose peace. No matter what the outward appearances are, I move within and experience the peace and ease of Spirit. I AM one with Spirit all is in divine order.

Day 3: My Spiritual path is not one of sacrifice and lack. Today, I embrace the fullness and abundance of life.

Day 4: I have the power to change. I fully and freely release all obstacles to change. I view every moment as an opportunity to change. Change is good.

Day 5: Every event in my life is neutral. I get to label things good or bad. Since God is in all things, I know my life is unfolding in divine perfection and it is all perfect. I AM blessed and I give thanks.

Day 7: Today, I care for my mind and body by taking time to relax.

Day 6: I AM embracing the Divine in me, I know that help, support and wisdom always reside in me.

Day 8: Allowing the fullness of my grateful heart to express itself today charges me up to live fully in the Presence.

Day 9: What I do today brings blessings to me and to the world.

Day 10: Today, I AM grateful for the abundance that is all around me. I see God's gifts everywhere I look; I AM surrounded by the beauty of life.

Day 11: Today, I go within and bridge the illusion of separation. I AM one with the Universe.

Day 12: Today, I remember I AM whole, perfect and complete, just as I AM.

Day 13: I know everything is in Divine Order in my life. I expect only good and only good is what I experience. I release any and all thoughts of lack or limitation.

Day 14: I AM a unique and perfect expression of the Divine.

Day 15: Today, I open my heart to the gifts of life. I give thanks for all I experience and remember I AM never alone. I AM divinely guided in all that I say and all that I do.

Day 16: Today, I resolve to listen to my inner voice and follow it. I will allow my Divine Self to flow freely through my conversations and acts. I not only speak my truth, I live it.

Day 17: Today, I allow Divine Love to flow through me. I send Divine Love to everyone I meet today and bless them on their spiritual journey.

Day 18: I recognize my thoughts create my life situations. I focus only on positive images in my mind. I release all thought of limitation, I say "Thank you God" for the healing.

Day 19: My inner light shines forth and frees me from the bonds of false beliefs.

Day 20: I focus my attention inward and ask my Divine Self to fill me with the love and light of my creator. Throughout my day I ask to be filled with Divine love and Divine light. I AM healed and I AM blessed.

Day 21: Today, I choose to take responsibility for all my actions. My thoughts create what I experience and I choose to create a life of love and happiness.

Day 22: I forgive anyone who has ever hurt me; in word or in deed. I also forgive myself for any hurts I have caused. I send Divine Love to the past, present and future. I ask Infinite Intelligence to release and heal everyone, everything and all situations in my life. I AM free and past relations are free. We are all healed and now go on to our highest and greatest good.

Day 23: Today, I remember life is good and God is good. I release all fear and doubt as I step into the wonders and blessings life offers me.

Day 24: I relax into the knowing that wherever I AM God is. I AM never alone. As I focus on our connection, I experience calm, peace, love, healing and compassion.

Day 25: I close my eyes and relax into the knowledge that every day is an opportunity to grow deeper into my relationship with my Higher Self. As I invite my Higher Self to guide my life, I AM blessed in all ways.

Day 26: I know I AM strong, I AM powerful and I AM blessed. I move through life knowing that Spirit is in the midst of everything I experience, so it is all good.

Day 27: Today, I move out of my comfort zone. I listen to that still small voice within and say "Yes". I know that wherever I go and whatever I do. Spirit goes with me. I cannot fail.

Day 28: Today, I AM awake and honor my direct connection to the Divine by listening to the still small voice within.

Day 29: Today, I recognize my oneness with Spirit and I open myself to be guided in all I do. I move into a larger way of living and being with Spirit guiding me I AM unlimited.

Day 30: I recognize I AM a powerful being with Spirit as my partner, I can face any situation. I AM one with Infinite Intelligence. Today I embrace my power.

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