We all feel a little down from time to time. When this happens, I have some techniques I use to quickly get myself unstuck and back into the flow of positivity. These techniques are so good I had to share them with you.

Tips to move your stuck emotional energy back to a positive flow

1. Awareness.

Recognize what is going on inside of you. Acknowledge when you are having negative thoughts, or thoughts of feeling stuck. Identify it, name it and then, shine your light on it. Send divine love to your negative thoughts and fears. Thank them for showing you what you need to work on. Awareness and acknowledgment can dissipate the power of an unhelpful pattern.

2. Call light to yourself.

The light of the Universe is available to everyone. You only need to ask. Visualize yourself filling up with Universal light. Breathe in light, exhale out all concerns. Close your eyes, allow the light of the Universe to fill you and surround you. Notice if you feel a shift in your energy.

3. Take a step forward.

When you feel stuck emotionally, move, do something physical. Walk, jog, dance, any exercise that gets your body moving. Physical movement can start an emotional shift.

4. Service.

A powerful remedy when feeling stuck is service. Ask how may I be of service? Service can be for friends, family, church, or community. Acts of kindness with no thought of reward move the emotions to see the many blessing all around you.

5. Community

Spend time with like-minded people. When we are in the company of like-minded people we feel safe enough to be our true self. Sharing feelings and speaking our mind is a wonderful release and will get those stuck emotions moving again. Everyone needs to feel heard and that is enough to allow transformation to begin.

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